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Land in the inbox, work in HubSpot

OutboundSync has a powerful set of features designed to sync Smartlead as close to natively as possible in your HubSpot portal. With over 100 supported properties, you are in control.

Revenue attribution

Know exactly which deals were created, or influenced, by your outbound campaign efforts.

Lead routing

Get the right leads directed to the right people. Handle replies directly in your HubSpot portal.

Timeline events

Log every email sent, reply, open, click, unsubscribe, and even category update—at the contact-level.

Contact properties

Take advantage of over 20 custom contact properties to in your lists, workflows, and notifications.

Block lists

Block email addresses or entire domains—just off of a list in HubSpot. No more CSV exports.

Account-based selling

Associate emails with both contacts and companies to track campaigns at the company-level.

Native reporting

Create your own reports and dashboards in HubSpot to monitor your outbound results.

Custom alerts

Decide when and how to alert your sales reps. Send emails, create tasks, Slack messages, and more.


Stop losing outbound data

"With how bad the native sales engagement platform HubSpot integrations are, I used to spend hours each week tracking down data and convos needed for our GTM team. OutboundSync cut that down to zero minutes a week. We'd send thousands of emails with conversations lost between Hubspot and Smartlead. OutboundSync fixed it. It saved my sanity, which was slowly slipping away with every email we lost."


Review and reply in one place  

Use timeline events in the contact record to see historical events, create lists, trigger workflows, and more. 

Reply to logged emails to continue the conversation, use enablement materials like templates, book a meeting, and close the deal.


Create advanced workflows

Use OutboundSync to create advanced workflows that can update properties, rotate contact owners, create notifications, and much more.

Use specific triggers for data enrichment with tools like Clearbit and Clay. With that new data, go omnichannel inside of HubSpot by phone or LinkedIn.


Turn HubSpot lists into block lists  

Make sure you never email the wrong people. OutboundSync will do an initial pull of your list in HubSpot and then monitor for any changes.

Beyond email addresses, you can block entire domains to ensure that nobody at a company is contacted via cold outbound.


Build native reports and dashboards

Monitor campaign results inside of a HubSpot dashboard so you always know where you stand without jumping to another tool.

Build reports to track things like sending volume, replies, opens, and more on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis.


If you want to integrate Smartlead with HubSpot, you're in the right place. OutboundSync is a custom integration and HubSpot app built by Intro CRM.

But you may be asking, can I use Smartlead's native HubSpot integration? Or could I build something myself with lowcode tools like or Zapier?

The table below explains the pros and cons between these approaches and why we're building OutboundSync. It came about from customer requests. We built it. Started using it. And loved it so much, we never looked back.

Feature OutboundSync Smartlead Integration Zapier/Make
Full Email Logs ✅ Full emails are logged, preserving communication. ✅ Full emails are logged, preserving communication. 🟡 Requires off-platform code, risks data loss and inconsistency.
Easy Installation ✅ Single-click install through the HubSpot app directory. ✅ Supported installation, but limited scope and features. 🟡 Multiple authorizations plus a custom HubSpot app.
Timeline Events ✅ Direct integration with HubSpot CRM. 🟡 Logged as notes, severely limiting functionality in HubSpot. 🟡 Requires creating a custom HubSpot application.
Object Association ✅ Automated association, saving time & organizing your records. ❌ Not available, manual effort needed or custom automation. 🟡 Possible, requires manual setup and custom automation.
Blocklist Support ✅ Prevent email to select contacts and companies. ❌ Not available, requiring manual support or custom automation. 🟡 Possible, requires manual setup and custom automation.
Workflows & Automation ✅ Pre-built, customizable best practices included out of the box. ❌ Significantly more difficult for manual setup. 🟡 Only possible with a custom app and custom-built workflows.
Cost at Scale ✅ Effective, especially at high volume (vs. Zapier/Make). ✅ Effective. No documented constraints at this time. ❌ Higher costs as volume goes up, plus platform constraints.
Auto Deal Creation 🟡 Possible with HubSpot workflows.  ✅ Supported upon installation. User configurable. 🟡 Possible, requires manual setup and custom automation.
Auto Task Creation  ✅ Supported upon installation. User configurable. ❌ Not available, requiring manual support or custom automation. 🟡 Possible, requires manual setup and custom automation.

If you see anything inaccurate or misleading in this table, please contact us right away and we will investigate. Our goal is to inform. We want this to be a useful reference as you compare your options. 

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“OutboundSync makes great use of our webhook and API infrastructure. They’ve built a deep integration for teams who want to land in the inbox with Smartlead and work in HubSpot.”