New feature: Category-based filtering from Smartlead into HubSpot

OutboundSync's new Category-Based Filtering feature streamlines data syncing between Smartlead and HubSpot, to do things like sync only interested leads.

What if you could get ONLY your interested replies from Smartlead into HubSpot? Now you can. Announcing Category-Based Filtering by OutboundSync.

First, OutboundSync captures campaign data from Smartlead. This includes sent email, replies, opens, clicks, etc.

Then, we wait for a Lead Category to be applied to those leads. It could happen right away, or it could happen later when your team flags it.

Finally, OutboundSync will sync not only the lead category update, but discrete events for each prior activity. The sent emails, the replies, the opens, etc.

Watch the video to see how it works.



Introduction to Category Based Filtering

[00:00:00] Harris Kenny: I am super excited to be making this video announcing the release of category based filtering. Now category based filtering is a new feature in OutboundSync. Reminder that OutboundSync sits between sales engagement platforms like smart lead and CRM software like HubSpot. So because we're sitting in the middle and we're handling data flow between the two applications, it is, it is a two way sync.

[00:00:27] Harris Kenny: There are certain situations where you only want certain data selectively or conditionally to sync over from smart lead to HubSpot. For example, you only want interested leads. Or positive replies to go from smart lead into HubSpot with category based filtering. This is possible.

How Category Based Filtering Works

[00:00:45] Harris Kenny: What we do is we're monitoring and logging all of the replies, all the sent emails, all the opens, all that activity, and we're holding onto it basically until a lead category update comes through from smart lead, indicating that the lead is a positive one and interested one.

[00:01:00] Harris Kenny: Once that happens, we release the queued previous activities. All into HubSpot. So you can see a total history of the record, not just what's included in that category update from smartlead, but every previous activity, all log natively into HubSpot. So this is what it looks like inside of the application.

[00:01:20] Harris Kenny: You can configure it.

Configuring Custom Lead Categories

[00:01:22] Harris Kenny: I just want to note that you can also select custom lead category IDs. So if you're doing that in smartly, then you've got your own custom prompting that you're doing to categorize the leads that is supported in OutboundSync as well. We're getting that API. Key from your smart lead account and we're syncing that data over.

[00:01:37] Harris Kenny: So I'm going to hit pause really quick I'm gonna go fetch the reply and I'll be back. All right, let's continue.

Live Demonstration

[00:01:44] Harris Kenny: So I've got the email that's sent from smart lead This is from me to me Intro CRM was the agency that originally built OutboundSync and OutboundSync is now its own company fully dedicated Software company.

[00:01:58] Harris Kenny: We joined TinySeed. We're growing a lot of exciting things happening, but I've still got some of the old agency stuff. So I'm going to use that for this test. So here's my, in this case, I'm the, this is the, this is the inbox from the prospect, right? The reply, um, turn off logging here. Uh,

[00:02:20] Harris Kenny: I'm not sure if this is a fit for us right now.

[00:02:30] Harris Kenny: Put it, send here. And then what we're gonna do from here is we're gonna go back to the Smart Lead inbox. We're gonna check on HubSpot. You're gonna see that that reply is not logged back to Smart Lead. We're gonna categorize it as interested actually, and then we're gonna see everything flow through.

[00:02:47] Harris Kenny: Alright, I'm gonna hit pause. I'll be back. Alright, we're back.

Syncing and Logging Activities

[00:02:51] Harris Kenny: Now here we're in HubSpot. Uh, I'm gonna show you that that reply did come through, but you can see that nothing has synced yet. Um, nothing is in here. Okay. Um, now we can go in the master inbox and you can see that a reply. Was received. The email was open twice, and then you can see the reply here.

[00:03:10] Harris Kenny: But it's not in HubSpot. And what I'm showing you here is the view of contacts that have been assigned to me. And so this, this contact will be rotated over to this account, um, once a payload is received. So this is a way of only assigning a reply, also, once it's marked as interested. Alright, so I actually never I'm testing this fully live right now, so let's just see what happens.

[00:03:36] Harris Kenny: I'm gonna mark this lead as interested.

[00:03:44] Harris Kenny: Okay, so I see that here.

[00:03:49] Harris Kenny: This campaign is done. Let me just show you this copy really quick. So this is the actual smartly campaign. Really simple. Okay. And, uh, all right, I'm going to pause this. Just make sure I don't show anything I'm not supposed to hear. And then I'll be right back. It totally worked. All right, here we go. We've got our contact.

[00:04:11] Harris Kenny: I'm playing around in our dev portal right now. So I just didn't want to, I've got, it's got some different email addresses and stuff in it, which is why I just want to share things, but it totally worked. Um, all right, so here we go. You can see this is created at 11 Oh one. I was just clicking some things for the last two minutes.

[00:04:25] Harris Kenny: Um, this is our test account. Um, this contact didn't exist in HubSpot before. Um, you can see that it was created at 11:01. Um, the lifecycle was changed to lead. You've got the email, um, that was sent, that was logged and sent. Um, you've got the lead category update that was applied. Um, we've got the sent email here.

[00:04:52] Harris Kenny: We've got the reply event and the open event. All dropped in sequence here. Here's the full reply logged as an email. This is an email activity in HubSpot. In addition to these timeline events that we've synced here. And then I rotated the contact owner, the company owner, and the task. So if you jump over to the company.

[00:05:11] Harris Kenny: Um, you can see these activities are all synced up at the company level as well. Uh, so pretty awesome, pretty excited about it. Uh, this is gonna be great.

Use Cases and Benefits

[00:05:24] Harris Kenny: So the use case for this is going to be, you know, if you're an agency and you're running campaigns for your clients and you only, they only want to get the interested replies, or if you're running like a very tight compliance situation where you only want like very specific circumstances where leads are pushed into HubSpot, Great fit for that too.

[00:05:42] Harris Kenny: Um, and like I mentioned, you know, lead category, custom lead categories are supported as well. And so, you know, there would be different circumstances where you would want different types of replies to be, to be synced and pushed over. Maybe you don't want to get all the out of offices and things like that.

[00:05:58] Harris Kenny: Um, so really, really excited about this new feature. Um, it is live now in OutboundSync. So, uh, users will be using it today and then we'll be obviously You know, running demos showing how it works for new folks, but I'm really, really excited.

Partner Program and Conclusion

[00:06:12] Harris Kenny: And the last thing I'm just going to mention here is that something that's been really picking up is our partner program.

[00:06:17] Harris Kenny: So we're actually working with quite a few leading agencies helping deploy this for their clients. Um, so if this is something that all sounds interesting, but you're not sure how you even begin to set this up, get in touch because I can refer you to some agencies, folks who frankly I've known for years as peers.

[00:06:32] Harris Kenny: Back when we were, when I was running intro CRM as an outbound agency, um, and they're doing incredible work at scale, sending really, really sophisticated outbound campaigns with segmented lists and great copy and using GPT. Uh, and so, you know, if there's a chance for us to connect you with an agency that can run these campaigns for you so you can get this type of result inside of your HubSpot portal, um, you know, let me know because there's a lot going on behind the scenes here to make everything work.

[00:06:56] Harris Kenny: Um, but I'm really excited about it and I appreciate you taking seven minutes to watch with me. Thanks.

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