New beta feature in HubSpot: Configurable send limit for email

Discover the new beta feature in HubSpot: Configurable email sending limits for sales teams. Improve deliverability with this option for your sales team.

In beta now! Get ready for configurable email sending limits in HubSpot. This is a huge new feature for sales teams to use email sequences—with guardrails.

With this new feature, HubSpot admins can set a limit on how many emails users can send within a day. Check out the video and transcript below to learn how it works and who it's most useful for.

This feature is available in beta now. HubSpot Admins, go to Product Updates in your portal to enable it and help your team with email deliverability today!



[00:00:00] Harris Kenny: I am super excited to share this new feature with you in HubSpot called Configurable Send Limits. Now, if you've got Sales Reps in HubSpot, this is definitely going to be something that you're going to want to enable in your portal. This is a beta feature that you can access by going to the top right corner, clicking your portal name, going to product updates.

[00:00:20] Harris Kenny: And then looking for configurable send limits and take part in the beta join up because I think you're definitely going to want this. This allows admins in HubSpot to control the amount of emails that users can send through HubSpot in a day. The problem it's solving for is overeager or overactive sales reps, cranking tons of emails through and hitting sending limits, getting in trouble with their email service provider and losing access to their account, potentially jeopardizing the health of their company's entire domain.

[00:00:49] Harris Kenny: Um, and email deliverability. So let me separate this briefly from the scaled cold outbound that we see folks doing through out, uh, smartly and then pulling that data into HubSpot through outbound sync. This is a different thing that's going to be for more cold outreach, potentially inbound led outbound or content led outbound type campaigns.

[00:01:10] Harris Kenny: These sequences are meant for trade show leads, uh, direct site signups. These are the situations where you've got like a subscription type enabled for them, maybe even permission to do SMS. You want to do HubSpot's omni channel sequences. This is going to allow you to do that activity with guardrails. So it's super powerful for protecting domain health and deliverability and allowing your sales reps to be efficient.

[00:01:32] Harris Kenny: So I don't see this as an either or either smart lead or using HubSpot sequences with configurable send limits. Now I see this as a yes. And when you combine these two things, your reps can be much more efficient. And I think this allows admins, marketers, rev ops teams to encourage their sales team to be more proactive after frankly, probably having a lot of conversations over the last.

[00:01:53] Harris Kenny: Um, but also you're still, you still have numbers to hit, but once you hit quota, you want to get your commission. And so sales reps have been in a difficult spot. This allows them to operate, I think, with a little bit more confidence, um, and, and have more options available at their disposal. So I'm super excited about it.

[00:02:13] Harris Kenny: Check it out, uh, enable it in your portal. Let me know what you think.

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